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When creating a handcrafted pen, there are several things that need to be considered.  First, there is the body of the pen, made of either wood, acrylic, stone or other materials.  Typically, the body seems to get all the attention.  But, just as important is the pen hardware.  It compliments the body, adds the bling and most importantly, provides the function of the pen – the writing mechanism.

The Bling

Your eye may see the pen’s colors, the swirling pattern in the pen body or the simple elegance of perfectly grained wood, but the “bling” is in the hardware.  Whether the metal parts are made of gold, silver, chrome, platinum or titanium, it is sure to catch your eye.

The possibilities are endless.  The plated nibs, caps and clips can come in many varieties of gold, silver and other materials.  They can be simple in style, or highly carved and inlaid with contrasting metals.  They can have crystal accents, custom themed clips (golf clip, gun clip, cross clip, etc.) or special accents such as hangers.  Pen hardware can be round, octagonal, or have other patterns and can often be mixed or matched together to create stunning effects.

The Mechanism

At the heart of the pen is its internal mechanism(s).  These important components are often overlooked.  But, the feel of the twist mechanism, the solid feel of a high-quality click pen, or the smooth action of a fountain pen is critical to its use.  Inexpensive pens tend to skimp on these parts to keep costs down, but a few dollars more spent on these critical components is key to the long life and user satisfaction of the handcrafted pen.

The Quality

Pen hardware is not all created equally.  There are substantial differences in the quality of the finish.  For example, gold plating can be in 10 karat, 18 karat or 24 karat gold, but the gold finish is topped with a lacquer.  A better quality topcoat keep the pen from scratching and protect the gold finish.  This applies to any of the metals, whether it is gold, silver or copper.

Some metals, such as titanium, black titanium or platinum are very durable metals and naturally resist scratching.  This helps to maintain the like-new look of a pen for a longer period of time.   So, whether you like the look of gold, silver, copper, platinum or titanium, selecting a high quality metal and finish are critical to the long-term beauty of your handcrafted pen.