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I recently published a brief article that provided some alternative compatible refills for the venerable Hauser bill 707 SF rollerball ink cartridge which has been discontinued.  After publishing the article, I received quite a few inquiries from people looking for compatible refills for the Schneider Topball 850 and the Hauser Open Ceramic 777 cartridges.

The good news is that most rollerball refills sold today are interchangeable and most are compatible with both the Hauser Ceramic 777 and the Schneider Topball 850 refills. And, there are a number of choices.

Schmidt 888 Fine Black Ink compatible refill
Schmidt 888 Fine Black Ink compatible refill

For starters, the Schmidt Safety Ceramic Roller 888 and the Schmidt Safety Ceramic Roller 5888 are both compatible with the Hauser bill 7o7 SF, Hauser 777 and Schneider Topball 850 refills.   In general, if the refill is compatible with one model, it will work in the others.  All of these are generally interchangeable, since their exterior dimensions are the same.

But, it is worthwhile noting that each of these refills has a different size tip and line width.  The Hauser refills are thin, fine lines.  The Schmidt refills can be purchased in either a fine width or a medium width, giving you a little more flexibility in choices.

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