Mazurka Pens (www.mazurkapens.com) was conceived by me, William Ake, as a way to merge my passion with the arts and my desire to go to college.  I have always been very interested in woodworking and music, so combining the two seemed natural.  The name Mazurka is a form of dance for which many famous muscians had composed scores.

I am going to college to study to be a dentist, and hope my skills in woodworking will serve me well in the future.  College is expensive, so I decided to take the initiative to find a way to pay for college.  Turning pens was my way of satisfying my artistic desires while earning a little money.

I hope that you enjoy reading about my adventures as much as I did living them…

2 thoughts on “About”

  1. Ahmed Hifaz Luthfee said:

    I would like to buy plenty of pens. But all the parts should come apart. Becouse i have to paint and should be in wood.
    Which country are you based in?

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